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Re: Nationals @ Diamondbacks, Game 1
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3rd   G Parra singled to right, D Gregorius scored, P Corbin to third, A Eaton to second.   0   1
3rd   P Goldschmidt grounded into double play, third to second to first, P Corbin scored, G Parra out at second, A Eaton to third.   0   2   
4th   Bryce Harper doubled nycely to deep center, Jayson Werth scored.
5th   Anthony Rendon doubled to left, "Merry" Tyler Moore scored.
5th   Jayson Werth homered to left, Anthony Rendon and Jeff Kobernus scored.
8th   Wilson Brand Ramos homered to left center, Nyce Bryce Harper and King Ian Desmond scored.

Washington Nationals     8
              Arizona Diamondbacks   2   

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