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Re: Nationals vs Cardinals, Game 3
« Topic Start: September 30, 2012, 12:07:06 PM »
Shirtless PUTIN! became a good luck charm in the Game day Thread for the August 20 win over ATL after we pulled out one extra innings.
If we win this game in the bottom of the tenth I will change my avatar to Paul Ryan shirtless.

If we don't win, BigMeech has to switch his avi to Vladimir Putin shirtless.

Putin time for Big Meech

Seems like you were referring to the overall game here, not the tenth.  I'll still good.

Oh well, I've embraced it.


We did a few threads embracing the PUTIN! theme, with special appearances by Anna Chapman when the Nats were nice boys and won.  PUTIN! stopped at least one losing streak.  PUTIN! cannot be overused, but he obviously has special powers.

I've suggested on Fangraphs and elsewhere that PUTIN! replace Teddy in the Presidents' Race because he knows how to win rigged races.