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Re: Nationals vs Astros, Game 2
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I went in the Cf gates. Not being a STH, I had a very long line, one of two. They had a DC and a Park Service cop at our gate, and were strict on no liquids. I asked the cop if they had seen anything interesting; he said he's waiting for some Jack Daniels to come through. I told him to call me and we both can finish it off. Lots of chuckling as we waited to get in. It didn't take too long. I had left my favorite Swiss Army knife at home so it wouldn't get confiscated. I could have had a 9 mil in my pocket because they never checked that, just bags. Not really too reassuring.

I ran into Mr. Terp and sat with him and his wife foe a while, then made my way to 128, where Calsgr8 and her other guests and I had a wonderful time (except for the ballgame). Need iI remind anyone this was against the Houston Astros? Embarrassing as hell. Met some nice Astros folks on the Metro home; got quite a razzing.