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Author Topic: Nats Talk Live Saturday 10 AM-NOON on MASN, & other media  (Read 137060 times)

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Offline RobDibblesGhost

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I don't think that Os show is on either, is it?

Nope. Tom Davis does another show called Take Me Out to the Ballgame but the one time I caught that this summer, he and his cohost filmed it from a random park bench somewhere. Their studios have been closed since March (which is why Dan and Bo always broadcast from Nats Park). 

Offline dracnal

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I suppose it's not technically media, but it is Nats Q&A and I didn't feel like starting a new thread. Just looked at the Guest Chats section which I may have acknowledged existed at some point, but forgot it did until now. After seeing Storen as the second person to participate in one, I have a good sense of why there were never many players agreeing to stop by for it. I know he's a pro-athlete and they're expected to have thick skin and short memories and all that crap, but man, with the brutal slagging he's taken from fans over the years, I suspect most players see it and go 'uh, nope. Screw you fansite. No Q&A for you!'