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Re: Space. The Final Frontier.
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DoD budget in 2010: $664 Billion
NASA budget in 2010: $18.7 Billion
National Science Foundation budget in 2010: $7 Billion

Gogo science. Plus another $52 Billion to the State Department and international aid/funding. So about $716 billion outside our shores, and $25 billion to science. I bet the DoD gets more money for black satellites for spying, satellite defense etc. than NASA gets for scientific/non-human spaceflight.

Oh, and by the by, we spend ten times, 10x, NASA's budget on INTEREST on the national debt in 2010. $164 billion in interest on the national debt in 2010. Just sad.

Oh come now, you're being naive if you don't think a lot of DoD spending doesn't advance the sciences.  I'm not saying NASA and non-military sciences shouldn't get more funding, but to paint it the way you did is willfully ignorant.

Now let's get this thread back on topic.