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Re: Fire Rizzo
« Reply #4450: January 28, 2023, 10:11:43 PM »
Hassell could be a legit starter. Alu is a utility IFer. Brzykcy and Ferrer are relievers. Theres still no real power in the lineup and its completely dependanf on Cavalli, Gore, and Gray becoming a top 7 rotation in baseball.

2024 is a pipe dream. Best we can hope for is Rizzo getting canned and ownership lucking into a development/analytics heavy GM as a cost saving measure
If Alu actually is a bit better and is a regular 3rd baseman, it sounds like they are optimistic / delusional about Garcia and Thomas, and that they mentally think Ruiz, Smith, Garcia, Abrams, possibly Alu, plus Hassell and Thomas gets them close, then you keep on integrating guys like Wood, Green, House, etc... as they develop.