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Re: Fire Rizzo
« Reply #4450: January 28, 2023, 05:31:57 PM »
Some teams are cyclical, other just stay at the bottom. There is nothing about the way the nats are being run that makes me think they won’t be in the same position as the pirates
that's one of the things Rizzo talked about today. He was frank. There are teams that perpetually say they are rebuilding but aren't. Of course, part of the sham is he will say they aren't one of those teams, they hate losing, and they are on track in the rebuild. Otoh, there's a realistic chance that F-burg is loaded and they will get some payoff by the end of the year from the Hassells and the Gores,  complemented by some relief arms and Alu, to begin to be respectable in 2024.