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Jarrett Seidler from Baseball Prospectus had a Q&A on Twitter and spoke on Nats player development

Q: You’ve spoken at length about how prospect outcomes can be a function of organizational PD infrastructure as much as anything else. Have you factored that into your rankings this year and were there any organizations that surprised you, positive or negative?

A: a bit. It was surprising to me just how bad Washington was at basically everything when I really sat down to look at it

Q: how many years & level of investment to bring the Nats PD system to just average? Are there names of hires we can look out for to signal they are starting to get serious about their "looks right at 5pm" approach to their farm?

A: this is addressed in fairly specific detail with a sample team in my Annual essay, but ~5 years assuming their pivot towards it this offseason represents actual progress and not just checking some boxes. Will be hard to ascertain from the outside immediately

That's just depressing. There's absolutely no excuse for allowing things to get this bad.