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Because up the thread:

So I went back and did a memory check on drafted position players who were traded.  After Rendon and Harper, I think the only position player drafted who became a contributor here is Taylor.  You go from Taylor to C Kieboom, more or less.  That's a position player drought, no?  RZ was before Rizzo got here.  Turner is what  we got for Souza.

No question that the saving grace on position players has been DiPuglia and the Dominican signings. Soto, Difo, Robles, Sanchez, plus depth like Read.

Making the majors is a very poor measure of draft success.  If your big league roster is bad, then you can shuffle a ton of AAAA types on and off your roster that you drafted.  That doesn't indicate success.  High-end starters does, because that is what is hard to acquire elsewhere.  You can always acquire guys to fill out the edges of your roster.  Rizzo has drafted cornerstones of the roster as I listed.