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Re: Fire Rizzo
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But not all.  My main beef is that he doesn't seem to be too good with the "human" element of managing or really good at managing people in general.

He is too much of a GM. He thinks of people as commodities and not as humans. The first real of being a GM is not to fall in love with your own players, and at times he takes it to an extreme. I also think he lacks a bit in the PR department. To me he seems like a guy that is so focused on his job description he forgets about the social aspect of being a public figure. I don't know if I worded that right at all. I also don't think that is a fireable offense and I need to see more before making up my mind one way or another.

And if the team does end the season with an improved record for the second straight year in a row with more talent in the system I don't know how a guy can be fired when that is what his job is.