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Re: Fire Rizzo
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You wanted to trade the Lombo/Storen/Bernadina package or no?

Take this with a grain of salt as big as Phil Wood but he did say he talked to a Twins scout and it was a five for one deal. I think the names were Storen, Bernie, Lombo, Hood, and more than likely Ray or Cole as the last player. I think this is why Kyle Gibson's name entered the rumors at all and why it was reported at the last minute Rizzo was reluctant to include Storen. I like Span and would have been happy to have him, but he isn't a superstar that you trade that package for.

I have a feeling this thread would have resurfaced whether Rizzo made a trade or not. Rizzo has yet to prove anything to me good or bad, but some people made up their minds about him the moment they saw him or didn't resign their favorite player or let their favorite manager walk away.