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Re: Nationals vs Phillies, Game 1
« Reply #125: September 28, 2010, 07:56:28 AM »
Regarding the 3rd base dugout, that is always surrounded by away team fans and completely taken over by Phillies fans. This situation is a direct creation of the organization. I warned Kasten in emails about this years ago when it was clear how the tickets had beed distributed. But mostly it is due to the piss poor performance of the franchise. With the organization establishing a pattern for years of allowing Phillies fans to do whatever they want, they set themselves up for this crap. After the previous Phillies series, it was pretty clear that this last home stand was going to be the worst. It is hard to expect people to volunteer to show up for what is going to be a miserable experience - crappy team agains the best pitcher, knowing the Phillies were going to clinch the East in Nats park, surrounded by some of the most obnoxious people imagineable with a staff that couldn't care less about controlling fan behavior and a team president who actively promotes the experience. Screw Kasten.

As for Desmond's comments, they should be embarrassed. He wasn't nagging about the fans, he was nagging about the situation and how embarrassing it was to lose like that being cheered against at home. There's only one solution to that - stop sucking as a team and as an organization. Fans can't do anything about that. Nothing. We have zero control over the performance of the team on the field or how the organzation acts to either improve the team or how it actively promotes to out of town interests as the easy way to maximize profits. If Desmond's feelings are hurt, he should take it up with his management and his teammates.