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Re: Nationals vs Mets, Game 1
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Desmond is the 2nd hottest hitter in baseball the past month...a lineup sans him does not give us our best shot @ winning.  :(  Wish danny was @ 2b and ID @ SS.

:spidernat batsignal:

Edit: pa that wasn't directed @ u, I don't know why I quoted your post, me thinks hammondsnats started early today 8)

Don't be so sensitive :lol: It was clearly a related post.
I don't know why people are shocked about Desmond not playing.

I posted in the yesterday's game thread that Riggleman said in the post game that Desmond was getting the day off today.

Exactly, and the  glass half full way to look at it is Espinosa plays SS for the first time in the bigs.