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Re: Mark Lerner Cannot Catch.
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I'd rather Lerner playing ball player and shagging fly balls than Snyder playing GM and screwing up a franchise.

I completely agree...and Snyder HAS ruined the Redskins in many respects. He's been a terrible owner in a lot of ways. But putting that aside for a moment...I'm purely focusing on this story about Mark Lerner.

My point is, everything Snyder does is magnified and turned into a soap opera. Seriously, if Snyder had suited up in a Skins uniform and fielded punts, or did whatever you'd consider to be the football equivalent of shagging fly balls, we'd never hear the end of it. There's a double standard when it comes to media coverage/fan reaction to him.

I'm not defending his football-decision making at all, because he shouldn't be making football decisions in the first place. But I'm just trying to imagine the national **** storm that would ensue if Snyder had been fielding punts before a game wearing a Skins uniform. You can't tell me that Mike & Mike wouldn't be wringing their hands over it for a week.

And for the record, I really don't have much of a problem with Lerner doing this. I'm just pointing out why I see as a double standard, that's all.