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I perused the GDT for last night and didn't see this discussed.

In the 8th inning last night, Dunn got on base and then Taveras entered as a pinch-runner. He scored and the Nationals proceeded to bat around. When Taveras came up to bat in that same inning, either Carpenter or Dibble (I think it was Dibble, but I was only half paying attention at the time) said that it doesn't count as a pinch-hitting appearance because Taveras was already in the game as a pinch runner.

After the third out was made, Taveras remained in the game in left field. My question is, what if he hadn't? Suppose he had been taken out of the game following the third out and someone else (I don't know who, just assume someone) had been sent in to play left, or Willingham had stayed in the game. How would Taveras show up in the box score? As it turned out he's listed as "pr-lf," but if he hadn't played left, would it just say "pr," or what would it say?

Obviously it's more of an academic question than anything else, and I'm sure (contrary to what Carpenter or Dibble said) the situation has come up before (maybe not in a game those guys did, but I'm sure it's happened), but it's not something I ever recall having noticed in the past and so I was wondering about it when I was reading this morning's paper.

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Interesting question. I would venture to say that considering that after Taveras batted, Willingham, the actual and still official LF, batted as well, then had Taveras not played LF in the bottom of the 8th Taveras could not possibly be deemed to have occupied the position. At the same time he could not be considered a PH either because he was already in the game but had not been assigned a position (that didn't get done officially until the top half of the inning ended). I believe what would've happened then is that Taveras would've been considered to have "occupied" 1B for that short span of time and the boxscore would've reflected as much. Then whoever had come in to play LF would be penciled in as the LF hitting 4th in place of Taveras and Kennedy would be switched to 1B with the pitcher spot being occupied by Guzman (playing 2B) and the 5th hole, vacated by Willingham, becoming the slot for the P.  :shock:  :lol:

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He would probably show up as "manager is a dumbass for pulling a defensive replacement out of the game with an 8-run lead in the eighth inning."

In all seriousness, I would score it as "x-pr" and then notated "pinch ran for Dunn and never took the field.  Replaced by Willingham," or something like that in the margin.

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Thanks. I guess to make the hypothetical cleaner I would say, suppose Harris had not been announced as a pinch-hitter but then removed before batting when the Rockies changed pitchers. Harris would have been eligible to enter the game defensively and might well have done so instead of Taveras. In that case you'd have this:

Morgan cf
Kennedy 2b-1b
Zimmerman 3b
--Gonzalez 3b
Dunn 1b
--Taveras pr-???
--Harris lf
Willingham lf
--Bruney p
Rodriguez c
Bernardina rf
Desmond ss
Lannan p
--Batista p
--Slaten p
--Guzman ph-2b

I asked about this on another forum and two people there said Taveras would just show up as "pr" because it simply indicates how he entered the game. This strikes me as odd simply because baseball is SO meticulous about recording EVERYTHING, and it seems like someone who is a pinch-runner who then bats, but never takes the field, would have some sort of other status. But I have no idea what it would be!

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Here is how to score it:

This is surprisingly detailed on box scores:

Edit: Ohh, now I see your question. I imagine it would just be the PR but his hitting stats are right there in the box score, which would indicate that he batted.

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I'm pretty sure he just shows up at a pr if he was lifted.