Author Topic: Are the automated ticket machines still in place at Nationals Park?  (Read 880 times)

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Wasn't able to make it to either of the first two games (sounds like I didn't miss much) but am talking to several people about going this afternoon. I was going to suggest to them that we wait until we get to the ballpark to buy the tickets and that we meet up at the automated ticket machines around the corner from the box office on N Street. Does anyone know whether those things are still there? I much prefer those to standing on line to talk to someone at the ticket office, and since the people I am meeting tend to be technologically inept (to the point where one doesn't know how to make document folders on his computer using Windows XP) I thought it might be a nice lesson for them on how to operate the machines.

(I'd rather meet at the entrance by South Capitol and Potomac, but since I'd probably be the only person who would consider driving that's sort of pointless.)

Thanks in advance. The Nationals' website is strangely silent about those machines.