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Re: The Stephen Strasburg Appreciation Thread
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Then why not use FIP or xFIP which measure only what a pitcher can control?

Err... because post length to the contrary, I'm not writing a dissertation or my master's thesis on the Stephen Strasburg Aberration (Circa. 2013) :)

I just found the mismatch intriguing initially, then all the more so when I was glancing at league-wide 2013 stats (both hitting and pitching) the other night. As noted, said pitching stats expounded my earlier posts on Strasburg. It was a coincidence though, and not a result of me fervently researching/compiling a dataset around Stras' win/loss mismatch.

Certainly interesting enough to warrant such an investigation, particularly given said findings where, for 2013 at least, ERA and win/losses seem to be remarkably intertwined. 54 of the top 60 ERA leaders enjoying not having losing records is a pretty significant percentage. That said, my research time into the matter has been exhausted, so a deeper sabermetrical analysis shan't be forthcoming in my next novella post. You're more than welcome to pick up where my laziness and intellectual shortcomings left off.