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IF Juan Pierre is gonna be moved he would be worth an awful lot to the Nats.

Problem would be how could they compete in a deal with some of the other teams (especially large market teams who are out of the race this year so can afford to offer a solid everyday player and worry about replacing him in the offseason).

Only guy who might be a key in a trade would be Church who, if in fact Loria is gonna cut payroll severely for the next few seasons (greasing the skids for a move to Vegas?), would be good and cheap for quite a few years. Obviously he's not a leadoff hitter, but then probability of Marlins getting one in return would be pretty remote whoever they deal with.

Wilkie would seem obvious but he's only got - I think - 1 more arbitration eligible year so not that appealing to Marlins.

Thing is, if he's gonna go sure be nice to get him for this season and beyond as likely whoever got him would lock him up long term.