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Re: Nationals @ Mets, Game 2
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And instead we keep trotting out Pete Orr and other nobodies/not second basemen, refuse to try Guzzie until Spring Training, put Desmond in RF? WTF is going on? WE DON'T HAVE A 2B FOR NEXT SEASON. It sounds like we won't sign a FA 2B in the offseason, instead opting for a SS and moving someone to 2B already on the team. And yet Guzzie remains at SS and Desmond is in RF? Again, WTF? Yeah, let's experiment with moving someone to 2B when we have a fresh start and a brand new season, and blow several games due to the fact whoever is chosen has no idea what the hell they're doing when we could have given them some legitimate practice time with 20ish games, now only 14. Either they're absolutely positive they'll sign a FA 2B despite saying they don't intend on it, or these people are even more stupid than Bowden was, if such a thing is possible. After this just plain "insane asylum" insane decision to put Desmond in RF, I'm becoming more and more convinced that next season is a certainty to be over by May 1.

Unless you sober up or come down and regret this post, you just nominated yourself for the 'Nationals are Incompetent' faction of WNFF.