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Re: Nationals @ Mets, Game 2
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besides that, WE DON'T HAVE A 2ND BASEMAN!

QFT. This team is so poorly run it's unbelievable. We're in the last two weeks of a season that was over in the first two weeks of the season. We've not had a 2b since Lopez (Belliard was never a consistent quality defensive 2b.) They say there's a strong chance of Guzman next season at 2nd. Desmond could be at 2nd. And instead we keep trotting out Pete Orr and other nobodies/not second basemen, refuse to try Guzzie until Spring Training, put Desmond in RF? WTF is going on? WE DON'T HAVE A 2B FOR NEXT SEASON. It sounds like we won't sign a FA 2B in the offseason, instead opting for a SS and moving someone to 2B already on the team. And yet Guzzie remains at SS and Desmond is in RF? Again, WTF? Yeah, let's experiment with moving someone to 2B when we have a fresh start and a brand new season, and blow several games due to the fact whoever is chosen has no idea what the hell they're doing when we could have given them some legitimate practice time with 20ish games, now only 14. Either they're absolutely positive they'll sign a FA 2B despite saying they don't intend on it, or these people are even more stupid than Bowden was, if such a thing is possible. After this just plain "insane asylum" insane decision to put Desmond in RF, I'm becoming more and more convinced that next season is a certainty to be over by May 1.

This month, with September call-ups and with positioning for next season, is when a team like this makes some serious changes aimed at fixing this season's problems for next season by taking some serious chances. And we get nothing but dud call-ups and guys who should still be in AA, trot out Pete Freakin' Orr, keep Guzman at SS when we've already told him he almost certainly won't be there next season, and PUT DESMOND IN RF!!! All you can do is shake your head and look forward more to the season being over and six months without having to watch this trainwreck than the start of next season. Unfortunately this turned into a bit of a rant, but I've just been so... perplexed doesn't begin to cover it. Downright infuriated with how we've squandered this pointless September in attempting to fix some of our problems/try out new guys. This moving Desmond to RF when the only thing we do have is a ****load of quality defensive OFers... There aren't words to explain the way I feel about that. All I can say is it seems like the decision making is being made by guys who don't intend to be here next April. There's no other explanation as to why a FO/Manager planning for next season would do what we've (not) done this month when it so clearly hurts whatever chance we have next season by not taking the prime opportunity to try things out to fix our current problems prior to Spring Training.

To sum up a long post in a sentence: This team is being managed by idiots, and they should be putting Desmond at SS and Guzman at 2nd in a September where all we can do now is try things out to fix our problems for next season. Not doing so just shows how stupid they truly are.