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Re: Nationals @ Marlins, Game 1
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I have to back SF up on this one.  Nieves is no great shakes, but Bard is awful.  I remember there being a big debate on this earlier in the season, with everyone insisting Nieves was lucky and that Bard has more pop.  Well, that argument swayed me for a month or two when Bard was "hot" but he's been just as abysmal since as he was before, while Nieves continues to be "lucky."  Don't get me wrong, if we have to see him more than 30-40 times tops next year, I'm going to vomit, but he's modestly preferable over Bard.
I agree as well.  Didn't feel like saying anything since it would've been hopeless - everyone was dogpiling on Nieves/SF, but at least Nieves has a glove.  He's a suitable back-up catcher.  Bard is just terrible all-around.