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Re: Nationals vs Phillies, Game 2
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Maybe not wholesale, but what's the big deal about rotating one new guy into the lineup every night and trying a new pen arm here and there?  They've got to find out what these kids are capable of, and there's no better way than to play them against real teams who are really trying to win.  The real spring training is almost meaningless.  Using call-ups as pinch hitters (if even that :?) is stupid unless they're actually planning to develop them as pinch hitters.

Not sure why I want to argue this point because it's pretty obviously a losing stand.

First off - I fail to see why/how you guys can complain about a player earning too much money but then be perfectly happy to give them a buy and let them sit out the rest of the year. Make them earn their damn salary by getting out and playing every game I'm paying them to play (and I might not have the best seats in the house, but EYE have PAID for a seat at every home game, so some of you stay at home and watch it on the telly cry babies can....

Secondly - The guys that were in the minors this year WEREN'T good enough to play in the bigs in 09 so why let them play in the bigs in 09??? If you're just bringing them up because you have room on the roster...they can wait their turn.