Author Topic: NY Times: Yankees slash price of top tickets  (Read 2203 times)

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I believe around $335. Yes, that's a substantial difference in price, but isn't the problem precisely the same regardless of the amount of money? (Let's be realistic, the pay scales in New York tend to be considerably higher than elsewhere around the country. Of course the cost of living is higher too. But New York is the place where the law firms were paying first-year associates 100% bonuses a few years back....that is, $180,000 salary followed by a $180,000 bonus! Never mind that they worked them so hard that if the associate were married and wanted to have a kid he'd have to have his wife artificially inseminated because he'd never get to see her due to the sweatshop environment...)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but even seats at half price ($1,250) comes out to over $100,000 per seat per year. You ain't getting those if you only make a measly $360,000 a year.