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Re: Baseball America's 2009 Mock Draft.
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I'am surprised nobody on here is talking about taking this kid "OF-Kentrail Davis" 10th overall, he may only be 5'9 195 and a little stocky but he is a 5Tool player and he's a left-handed hitter, hits for avg & power, can play any outfield position, plus plus arm, he's a draft eligible sophomore from U.Tenn. But there is one person that could stop us from getting him and you may happen to know who i'm talking about, the one and only Scott Boras(will be Kentrail's agent). I don't think the Nats will draft two of Boras's clients in the first round, I think it will Strasburg and that's it for him(Boras) especially for the fact he played us with the whole Tex thing. But this kid is really good, just think of him as a leadoff man with major power.

Davis is a draft eligible sophomore and those guys typically don't get selected that high, given that they potentially still have two more years of draft eligibility. From a negotiating standpoint, the players are perceived to have the advantage as sophomores.

That being said, on talent, he is a top 15 guy entering 2009.