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Nationals @ Phillies, Game 3
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CONGRATULATIONS to thom202's Loxoscelidaes for winning the 2008 WNFF Fantasy Baseball League!

The 2nd leg of a Yankees-Red Sox doubleheader remains, but the only way the World Series standings can change is if A-Rod and Ortiz get 9 stolen bases in tonight's game for me.  I took the lead this afternoon, then it was TIED for awhile, and then thom202's Tim Lincecum matched his career high with 13 strikeouts to finish with a majors-best 265, and gave Cy Young Award voters an impressive final start to think about.  He fanned five of the first six batters.

NAME                             R     HR   RBI   SB    AVG       K     W   SV   ERA   WHIP      SCORE
#2 WNFF nats2playoffs   101   26   106  11   .265      140   11   10   4.00   1.41      4-5-1
#1 D.C. Loxoscelidaes      96   23     94   19   .313     150   11     2   3.99   1.22      5-4-1

The most significant result was probably Cy Young candidate Tim Lincecum's 7 innings TODAY with 13 Ks, to give thom202 a 10 strikeout lead for the Series.  St Louis scratched Kyle Lohse for me today, at the last second, but he wouldn't have struck out that many.  I took a slight lead in the ERA category this afternoon, but Lincecum limited the Dodgers to 1 run. 

Tim Lincecum