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Re: Nationals @ Phillies, Game 3
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Dude, what's your issue w/ Dominicans? You always seem to say things like that about Dominican players/managers.

Manny's dream is to apparently have an all-Dominican team.  He's biased; e.g. Colome & Od can stink for months.  But I'm not.

I just picked up another Dominican, Wandy Fulton Rodriguez, for a fantasy start today.  He is close to helping me tie up HELPED ME JUST TAKE THE LEAD IN fantasy ERA today, even though I've trailed badly for 2 weeks.  (THANK YOU ODALIS, for the 9.82 ERA you hit thom202 with today!!!!)

I have grabbed and kept LOTS of fantasy Dominicans all year, including Carlos Pena, TB.  I never realized just how many MLB players come from there until this year, from fantasy baseball.  I've had so manny Domincans pay off for me that I bought a 6-pack of El Presidente beer, made in Dominican Republic.

EDIT: I just fell behind in fantasy strikouts, by 1.  This will go down to the last out today.