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Re: Nationals @ Marlins, Game 1
« Reply #175: September 12, 2008, 08:56:22 PM »
that was a poor throw by guz, but you have to run at the baserunner. 

Basic baseball. That was little leage stuff. Hanley was dead meat. The throw was poor (not as bad as some have portrayed it here) but Martis has no one to blame but himself on that play.

He can make 3 more starts after this.  You said he has 116 in the minors.  About 10 after tonight and about 10 in the Olympics gives him 136 so far.  He could get that up over 150 pretty easily.

Hmm, it's not 165, but still, 150 is a fairly decent starting point.  You could probably put him in the rotation after that.

I checked the stats and I don't think he pitched more than a couple innings in the olympics. I couldn't find more than 4.2 innings.