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Re: Nationals @ Mets, Game 2
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with all that said, Milledge *does* need to move in.

if you don't want to put that on Milledge, then it is on Manny for positioning him there.

Manny needs to move him in.  does that sit better with your pro-milledgeness, Hammonds?
The problem is that Milledge has a tendency to take a first step in on fly balls rather than standing still to judge them.  When a ball is hit deep, it's harder for him to track down, so putting him farther out is somewhat of a preventive measure - it's meant to compensate for his instincts and eliminate a lot of those XBH's that go out to center.

But hammondsnats will tell us that it's all the fault of the defensive alignments since he'd rather not admit that Milledge has significant faults. :?