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Re: Nationals @ Mets, Game 1
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Potomac-Myrtle (6th):  Potomac hasn't hit a ball out of the infield since Martinez's single in the top of the third.  Lefave leads off the inning with more inefficiency, a groundball to first base.  Brown (0-2) breaks the hitting drought with a blooper to left center.  Plasencia (0-2) rails one back to the pitcher, who fires the ball low to the second baseman, but the tag is still applied to Brown, Plasencia safe at first.  King (0-1, BB) hits one to the SS Hicks, who makes a seemingly great play to get Plasencia.  I guess that is why he was a midseason All-Star for the Pelicans.

Kyle Gunderson takes over for Osvaldo Rodrigues in the bottom of the sixth.  Gunderson comes in and pretty much puts a muzzle on the Pelican bats for the inning.  He was able to take early leads in his counts and force the batters to hit his better pitches for groundouts/fouls.