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Re: Nationals @ Braves, Game 2
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yeah, you're right 24.

Detwiler is freaking clutch. He clinched the first half division title for the P-Nats, clinched the second half division title, and just now picked up the victory in the clinching Game 3.

The walks he was letting up could have been killer, he battled out of trouble the first time and had to let Severino battle for him the second time.  It could have been a lot worse for Detwiler, but I'll take the win.  Hopefully we can lean on Atilano/Arnesen/Detwiler for the championship instead of turning to Cole Kimball and Mandel.

Also, the 8 ground balls (to four fly outs) he induced were crucial.  Twice he got out of the inning with double plays because of the ground ball.