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Re: Nationals @ Braves, Game 2
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Potomac-Wilmington (bottom of the 9th):  Wilkie out for the bottom of the 9th, three outs away from advancing to the championship.  Wilkie gets ahead to 0-2 to Derrick Robinson, then finishes him off with two more pitches; two outs away.  With a full count against Paolo Orlando, Wilkie pulls out a breaking ball for strikeout #2 of the inning.  It is all down to Cody Strait (0-12 in the series) of the Blue Rocks now.  Strait pops up the ball for the final out, POTOMAC SWEEPS WILMINGTON!  Off to the Carolina League Championship!

Boomer Whiting gets my vote for player of the series for his efforts in helping the P-Nats get the runs that helped them win each game.  Dan Leatherman certainly gets some recognition for his 4.0 innings of relief in the first game.  Luis Atilano also should be mentioned for his fabulous start on Wednesday at Pftizner Stadium.