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Re: Nationals @ Braves, Game 2
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Potomac-Wilmington (7th Inning):  Edward Teaford stays on the mound for Wilmington (84 pitches).  Dee Brown and Matt Rogelstad both strike out, giving Teaford his 8th and 9th strikeouts, respectively.  Wilmington's bullpen is stirring, this should be Teaford's last inning.  King sends a weak grounder to the third baseman, Severino on his way back out for the bottom of the 7th.

Tarrod Dyson leads off with bunt, which Michael Martinez gets caught in his glove; the throw is late to first, bunt single.  Wilmington looks to be turning to the small ball in an attempt to get back in this game.  The next batter hits an infield grounder, Severino tags the batter at first, but the runner advances to second.  Paolo Orlando (0-3, 1 K), is walked by Severino after a full count.  Cody Strait hits two foul balls down the left field line, then pops one to Andrew Lefave in foul territory for a huge out #2.  Former DSL Nat/Hagerstown Sun, Ozzie Rodriguez, is warming up in the bull pen.  A black cloud falls over Wilmington yet again, as Severino walks another batter and fills the bases for the third time tonight for the Blue Rocks.  Seven walks so far tonight for the Potomac pitching staff.  Severino pulls out the magic for a second time tonight, striking out Bianchi on a called strike three low and inside.  11 stranded runners for Wilmington.

P-Nats 1, Wilmington 0
Due up:  Burgess (1-2, 2B, R, SO) - Solano (0-1, S) - Whiting (1-1, SF, RBI)