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Re: Nationals vs Phillies, Game 3
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Wilmington-Potomac (bottom of the 15th):  Yes, I am still here giving you guys updates from the Potomac's playoff game.  BOOOMER Whiting, former LSU player, leads off the inning with a base hit.  Word is that BBQ's boy, Clint Everts, is warming up in the bullpen.  Boomer Whiting steals second with a late throw from the catcher, this guy is doing everything he can to help the P-Nats.  A base hit could win this one, hold on....

With a full count to 3B Stephen King, the ball is hit to the first baseman.  King is out, whiting moves up.  Whiting now on third with one out!!!  Jonathan Solano is now up, can he do it?