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Re: Nationals vs Phillies, Game 1
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OK now I remember you in that debate. I take my comment back. But I don't give a **** about injuries. If a player is hurt he should be out of the lineup until he's 100%. I don't buy excuses.

It's not that simple though.  Don Sutton - a HOF pitcher - mentioned in Friday night's broadcast that it takes time for players to get their grooves back.  When Milledge first came back it took a while and now he's rocking it.  Same for Zimmerman.  Remember when Ronnie Baseball was hurt earlier in the year?  He went what 0-for-15 in rehab with like 6 strikeouts.  First game back he rocked two home runs in Pittsburgh.  Dukes is of the same mold as well - he can hit a HR the day he gets off the DL.  Some players can contribute right away, some can't.

Zimmerman has never been injury prone and I'm sure after missing two months of baseball for the first time in your life, takes a huge amount of adjusting to do.  Sure, it took a long while, but he's really killing it now.