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Gameday Thread: Nationals vs Mets, Game 2 (L)
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Vidro makes the double play...he's our entire team it seems.

yeah, really.

*prays for Jorge Julio*

do yourself a favor and dont even begin to kid yourself, I mean seriously there is a better chance of there being a Royals-Rockies world series, than the Nats coming back to win this one. What pisses me off more is, how come sports experts are always right? Before spring training even started they were all like "o the Nats will be hard pressed to match last year's record" DAMN


I know, I know you're gonna have to ignore everything I say tonight, i have a banging headache, and I'm just pissed at alotta other things, but hey gotta vent somewhere. I'm actually more upset that there was no fight or anything, than us losing