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Re: Nationals vs Dodgers, Game 3
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Yeah, I keep getting stuck. :?  I'm new to this type of game.

Yeah, Halo 3. I'm trying out a bunch of different games. Burnout is pretty good, I'm surprisingly liking Saints Row, Ace Combat 6 is the crap, and NCAA Football 09 is, of course, great.

Burnout Paradise is fun.

I've been playing Too Human(which is AWESOME, f*ck what the reviews say), Madden, and Battlefield: Bad Company.

and I just bought Castle Crashers from XBLA, and it is like a super-cartoonified Streets of Rage. mad side-scrolling beatemup fun.

also, do yourself a favor, and download the SW: Force Unleashed demo from the Marketplace.

what's your Gamertag? pm it to me.