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Re: Nationals @ Brewers, Game 3
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one last thing...

Mike Rivera = best catcher in baseball.  :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship:

Hanrahan is HORRIBLE. Colome >>>>>>>>>>>>> Hanrahan.
Don't you freaking get it! All you do is make yourself look like an idiot. And since everyone knows your an idiot and just a homer for any player that you have a man-crush on. Face-it you do it for attention which is pretty sad. Lets see where to begin.
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Flores > Martin.

p.s., this thread is kicking a dead horse.
Can you please shut the freak-up? Flores will NEVER EVER be the player Martin is. Martin is wasily the best catcher in the league. Flores while he is young and has good potential doesn't have a chance to be a top 3 catcher in the league.


Hanrahan is HORRIBLE. Colome >>>>>>>>>>>>> Hanrahan.
*Sign* Hanrahan is young has almost 2 full runs lower of an ERA and has some control. Colome would not be in the ML's for atleast 25 of the MLB teams.
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[The thread has been locked so I can't quote it.]

"Belliard > Phillips." Yeah STFU. Phillips is a young hitter with speed, average and power. While Belliard may be on a roll know he is not even close to Phillips.
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ya, Livo was released. i wish we could bring him back

Can you please just be a normal poster?