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Re: Nationals @ Giants, Game 1
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You were a proponent of the Lo Duca signing at the time, no?

Yeah, and I've said that I was wrong about 10 times now. At the time, Flores was our only other catcher and they were saying he'd be sent to the minors for the season. Lo Duca was always a good contact hitter and that's why I liked the signing. The amount of money we spent on him, at the time, meant nothing to me. Who would've thought that the rest of the offense would do so poorly? I still think the fact that he is a contact hitter will turn into some nice hit streaks for him (like the one he currently has going), but now that we know Flores is a beast, it's an acquisition we really didn't need to make. I still think the Estrada signing was worse, though.

Also, NO ONE expected Nieves to do as well as he has.