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Re: Nationals @ Marlins, Game 3
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Speaking of fantasy baseball, I saw you picked up Polanco today. I dropped Kendrick the other day b/c I thought there would be more options at 2B just in case. Thanks. :?  :lol:

Last week, sportsfan882 took the lead in every single hitting category on Day One and never looked back.  Nady was out hurt all week for me.  Now NatsAddict's favorite player, Uggla, is out hurt until tomorrow, and I'm already behind Ekseid on hitting (who needs to get more active players on his roster.  I don't think he's paying attention anymore.)  I wasn't thrilled about the choices.  Willie Harris was batting over .400 for the last 15 or 30 days or something.  If Acta committed to playing him, or if he spoke Spanish, I might have grabbed him.  (So Acta hits Harris 2nd in today's lineup...)

NO WAY that Florida would pay Lo Duca's $5 million salary. They might take Nieves, but they will NOT spend money on salaries.  Receipts go in the owner's personal pocket.