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I am sure some of you have already seen this, but this is from the Post this morning on Destin's recruiting visit to Nationals Park last night:

The Nationals hope Hood, their second-round draft pick, will some day be an attraction in this city. Trying to decide whether he should play wide receiver at Alabama or sign with the Nationals, Hood paid a visit to the stadium for what amounted to a major league recruiting trip. He dressed in the Nationals' locker room, took batting practice with the team and received plenty of notice from club officials.

As Hood blasted home runs over the outfield fence, General Manager Jim Bowden spread a smile. He greeted Hood, stepping from the batting cage, with a high-five.

"He's a baseball player first and a football player second," Bowden said. "I've had experience with the other. But in this case, he was clear to me from Day One he's a baseball player who plays football. This is what he wants to do, and I believe him."

He starred as a high school shortstop-outfielder in Mobile, Ala., and could develop into a No. 4 hitter.

Keyword above is COULD develop into a no 4 hitter, we will wait until we see him in some action down on the farm before we go that far.  According to the article, he is still unsure if he wants to play for Saban at Alabama or come up here.  It looks like we are breaking out all the stops to sign him, and I have a sneaky suspicion that they will throw some extra cash at him to ensure he gets signed.  My guess, he will be signed in another week or two.