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Interesting Story
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This has not been vetted, but appeared on my synagogue's listserve.

The umps working a game Thursday night between the Class-A Staten Island Yankees and the Brooklyn Cyclones had nothing to go by when Venditte made his professional debut, less than two weeks after getting drafted in the 20th round by the Yankees.

He pitched the ninth, and after retiring two batters and allowing a single, a switch hitter stepped to the plate for Brooklyn. That's hardly unusual.
But it becomes intriguing against Venditte, a switch pitcher.

Things got a tad dizzying when designated hitter Ralph Henriquez, who had taken his on-deck circle swings as a lefty, entered the batter's box from the right side.

Venditte put his specially made glove (it has six fingers, two webs and fits on both hands) on his left hand, and got ready to pitch right-handed.

Henriquez then changed his mind and switched sides of the plate, because a batter sees the ball sooner when it is thrown by a pitcher using the opposite hand.

So Venditte shifted his glove to the other hand.

Then it happened again.

And again.

And again.

Apparently unsure of how the rules handle such an oddity, the umpires didn't stop the cat-and-mouse game until Venditte walked toward the plate and said something while pointing at Henriquez. Umpires and both managers then huddled and the umps decided the batter and pitcher can both change sides one time per at-bat, and that the batter must declare first.

The ruling favored the pitcher, since he gets to declare last.

About seven minutes after he first stepped in, Henriquez struck out on four pitches as a righty against a right-handed Venditte and slammed his bat in frustration. Staten Island won, 7-2.

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Re: Interesting Story
« Reply #1: June 23, 2008, 11:22:00 AM »
They showed that on SC the other night. It was pretty funny.

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Re: Interesting Story
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The pitcher should have just taken his glove off.  Then he could pitch with either hand until he starts his windup and the batter wouldnt know.  However he couldnt do this if a runner was on base.

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Re: Interesting Story
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Here's the video:


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Re: Interesting Story
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the batter was like "wtf??????"

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Re: Interesting Story
« Reply #5: June 24, 2008, 09:19:05 AM »
the batter was like "wtf??????"

Actually, the batter knew ahead of time what he was going to do.  This pitcher has been in the press quite a bit, he's no secret.  But I guess it's the first time a batter has refused to step in first before the pitcher commits.