Author Topic: Potomac Pitching - Standouts sans Alaniz  (Read 706 times)

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Potomac Pitching - Standouts sans Alaniz
« Topic Start: June 16, 2008, 11:04:03 AM »
Looking at the sheets after Alaniz has left the squad, it looks as if Potomac still has a set of strong pitching to offer.  It used to be once the ace was promoted, there wasn't much left.  This has changed:

Josh Wilkie (Reliver)
0-0  1.06ERA  24Games  28H  34IP  30SO  4ER  1.00WHIP

Jack Spradlin (Reliver)
4-0  3.71ERA  21Games  38H  34IP  34SO  14ER  1.35WHIP

Martin Beno (Closer) - promoted from Hagerstown where he had good numbers.  Current Potomac stats:
0-0  0.00ERA  8Games  3SV 2H  8.0IP  14SO  0ER  1.38 WHIP

Craig Stammen (Starter - Car. League All Star)
3-2  2.10ERA  14Games  8GS  51H   62.1IP  58SO  1.07WHIP

5-3  5.75ERA  13Games  55IP  63H  56SO  1.75WHIP   

Jhonny Nunez
0-6  5.62ERA  14Games  57.2IP  70H  60SO  1.40WHIP

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Re: Potomac Pitching - Standouts sans Alaniz
« Reply #1: June 16, 2008, 11:37:39 AM »
It is quite amazing how we have guys that continue to step up even when promotions occur.  I suppose this is how a real minor league system (ala the version Branch Rickey originally intended) is supposed to work.  Right now it seems that the system is all go at the bottom levels low A + high A (with AA starting to come around), what will be real fun to watch is when our AAA team starts providing some product for the MLB team.

I am a little concerned about Detwiler's performance thus far this season, I thought he would be pitching much better.  The major concern with him was that his frame would not uphold an entire season, but it seems that he is getting rocked for hits.  Maybe he just needs to hone his change-up a bit more or work on another pitch.  I think eventually he will be fine, we just need to keep getting him out on the mound so he can work through some of these kinks.

As for the other guys, I have said before in the "following the minor league teams" thread that I really like this Beno kid.  He was a low pick (36th round I think), but hes obviously doing something right as he constantly is going out and pitching shutout innings as a closer.  I have to credit Wilkie as well, he has been spectacular as of late.

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Re: Potomac Pitching - Standouts sans Alaniz
« Reply #2: June 16, 2008, 11:51:46 AM »
Beno has got to win the best performing/lowest draft pick award.  #36 in the 2007 draft!  He is getting better as he moved up into Potomac. 

I bet Stammen gets promoted in August with Beno and Wilkie following close behind.

The pitching is average in low A right now (Hagertown), but the offense is doing very well.  Just the opposite in Potomac - great pitching, offense is pokey.  I bet if you took the Potomac pitching staff and paired it up with Hagerstown bats and gloves, you'd have a pretty decent minor league team capable of competing with AAA teams.