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This kid is raising some serious eyebrows in Hagerstown.

.340 AVG...2 HR...15 RBI...2 SB...106 AB...And the most important stat at all for ML success, that you need to show in the MIL....397 OBP...22 SO  :?...9 BB

I hope he keeps it up. Atleast we have one middle infielder that can hit and field (4 errors) (16 errors for Demond)

My thoughts are that although he is striking out a bit more than you would like, he is getting on-base, and stealing bases. He looks to be an ideal #2 spot hitter.

He turns 21 in October by the way.

Yeah he's impressed me so far this season as well, but he was injured for most of April and he recently made the switch over to third base. I don't know if this switch is permanent though, because he was a high pick and the FO does consider him a top prospect, so I don't know why they would put him at third so he can be blocked by Zimmerman for the forseeable future. He and Jake Smolinski are about the only two middle infielders in the minors I keep track of.