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Hey Everyone.
« Topic Start: July 12, 2006, 09:30:50 PM »
Welcome to the forum, soxfan59!  These must be the best of times for southsiders.  I commend the Tigers for their superb first half, but think the Sox will catch them in a month or two.  It should be a great race.

I think you'll find us to be a congenial but motley cross section of Nats fans - from Washington natives such as myself, to former 'spos fans, people who liked the story and became fans just last season, folks from foreign countries, just a mish mash of baseball fans.

This ain't no baseball royalty story, we need more fans, can't afford to be too choosy.  A large number of Nats fans are from other cities, and many have other teams that are their first love.  Like you, they may root for the Nats cause they wanted a National League team to follow, and liked our story.  Whatever their background or reason for being interested, they are welcome.

This board has been perking up lately, fueled partly by excessive trolling on the MLB site, and partly cause we have a great game thread and the software itself allows for posting pictures, or other graphic images, allowing more creativity.  Plus this board is moderated to keep things reasonably civil and preclude sinister attacks.   So we have some things that are unique to this small community, hope you enjoy it.