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Mini Bowden Rant
« Topic Start: February 25, 2006, 07:33:55 PM »
OK I'll fess up, I don't follow the trading and finer details of baseball as much as a lot of you guys on this board do.  I'm mostly a watch the game root for the team kind of guy.  I normally stay out of management discussions because I feel that I'm not knowledgeable enough to really speak on such matters.

That said, I really have to start wondering about Bowden lately.  Even if the man just has fantastically bad luck, it's no excuse.  Just offhand I can think of two deals and an almost deal that I have problems with:

1) Soriano - we gave up three guys and a hell of a lot of money for a pampered overpaid whiner, who, in spite of it all, doesn't really deserve to be blamed for the situation he's in.  He's been nothing but clear on his lack of desire to play the outfield, and I personally am not impressed by his numbers, skill, or attitude.  If he's trade bait, then so be it, but would still have rather given Wilkerson another season to prove himself one way or another.

2) Lawrence - great now the guy we're paying $3.5 mil is out for most if not all of the season, and will probably never be the same when he returns.  I guess it might be hard to blame Bowden for this, but at the moment, who else can I blame?

3) Sammy Sosa - quit chasing him!  I couldn't believe it when I heard that the offer for Sosa was increased, thank god he still turned it down.

I can't think of anything else right offhand, but I'm sure someone else will chime in.  I just feel that the Nats are a new team, and we should be investing in future potential, growing a brand new team on our own, rather than throwing money at aging talent in a desperate attempt to aim high right out of the gate.

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Mini Bowden Rant
« Reply #1: February 25, 2006, 09:17:46 PM »
I feel the same way, Chief.  I did like the Soriano trade initially, but I guess I got blindsided by his refusal to play OF.  I would have thought that somebody would have talked to him about it first.  This is the type of stuff that kills a team more so than below average talent.  The Sosa thing confounds me too.  I'm not sure what to think about Lawrense, but we had to move Castilla to make room for Zimmerman so I thought it was a good pick up.  I REALLY hope this was not a pre-existing thing that the Padres knew about.

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Mini Bowden Rant
« Reply #2: February 26, 2006, 12:17:35 PM »
Quote from: "rileyn"
I REALLY hope this was not a pre-existing thing that the Padres knew about.

I do because if it was & we can prove it, we can probably get something, like a draft pick, additional prospect, or something.

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Mini Bowden Rant
« Reply #3: February 26, 2006, 08:14:29 PM »
I feel the same way about Bowden. The best thing the new owner (when we get one) can do is immediately fire him and replace him with a responsible GM.

I was living in Cincinnati when the Reds fired him. Paul Daugherty of the Cincinnati Post wrote a great post mortem column that pointed out that Bowden has never met a hitter he didn't like. Hence, the Reds outfield of the time was overloaded with 5 outfielders for only three slots (Griffey, Dunn, Kearns, the others I forget). All were too good to bench....but you couldn't play all of them every game. Meanwhile, the pitching staff was a group of nobodys, most with lousy ERA's, and most promising prospects were usually traded for more hitting.

Now we have the same thing in DC, only switch outfielders to 2nd basemen. And the pitching staff is getting worse.

Nope. I long for the day Bowden's back on cold pizza.

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Mini Bowden Rant
« Reply #4: February 26, 2006, 09:25:52 PM »
The other two outfielders were Jose Guillen and Juan Encarnacion...

And hey, I like cold pizza... Hehehe
How about we wish him perpetual leftover macaroni and cheese?

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Mini Bowden Rant
« Reply #5: February 27, 2006, 03:58:39 AM »
When you play half your games at RFK, you should never pay a premium for hitting.  Every hitter will have his power blunted, to some degree, just because of the length of the stadium.  If you pay for a 35 home run hitter, you'll probably only get a 27 home run hitter, if that.

If you put money in pitching, even slightly above average pitching will keep you in at least 81 games a year.