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Re: Nationals @ Orioles, Game 3
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If this is the case, and I have felt this for a while, then I believe we really may have a problem. I've never been one that likes to cast blame on the coaches but I think this time it could very well be warranted. Of course that's not to let these bums with the bats off the hook :lol:

Ultimately, it is the players that make the difference. The same team with the worst manager versus the best manager likely won't see a difference of more than a ten win swing, and some believe the swing isn't even that dramatic. So blaming the manager does tend to let the players off the hook. But players need coaches that can make necessary adjustments. Young players in particular need hitting and pitching coaches. Harris can't improve the talent on the team any more than St. Claire can turn a Speigner into a Maddux. But I wouldn't want to see our young pitchers have to go through struggles without Randy there to remind them of things or help clear up their mechanics.