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Re: Nationals @ Orioles, Game 3
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That's the thing. We are swinging at bad first pitches. If were were swinging at the first pitch and getting hits some of the time I would have no problem with it.  The majority of the time we swing at the first pitch it results in an out. That's just making it too easy on the pitcher.

There's also a difference between experienced veterans (who happen to be in a hitting groove) taking advantage of first pitch fastballs and some of our younger and struggling hitters going up there hacking. Guys like Milledge and Dukes don't have a full season under their belts. They need to be more selective to get used to seeing what the pitcher has in his arsenal. They learn very little from only seeing two pitches by halfway through the game. If they watch some, even if they fail to get on, they have something to look for the next at bat and have an at bat to review on video between innings. Harris is just obsessed with the pinch hitter's approach.