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Hire Dave Sims as Nats TV voice....
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Here is the last part of Jim Williams DC Examiner Column...

MASN and the Nationals should hire Dave Sims as the TV voice?

One of the finalists for the Nationals TV job is the very talented Dave Sims. Many may not know the name but the voice is distinctive and well known in the Washington area. Sims is a gifted broadcaster who is at home doing NFL football for Westwood One/CBS Radio, NCAA Tournament action or being ESPN?s voice of the Big East. He is simply put the perfect choice for MASN and the Nationals. Besides being the most gifted person for the job, Sims is black and if hired the Nationals would not only have one of the best broadcasters in the business they would be the only team in Major League Baseball with a black play by play man. That is a sobering and amazing thing to think of in 2006. Hire Sims he is best man for the job bar none!

Here is more about Sims..