What should be the new themed name for News from around the Majors?

Out of Town Scoreboard
9 (52.9%)
The Competition
3 (17.6%)
The Miller Lite Scoreboard Walk
1 (5.9%)
The Bullpen
0 (0%)
The League
2 (11.8%)
News from around the Majors
2 (11.8%)

Total Members Voted: 14

Author Topic: The Red Porch? (aka section "theming") UPDATED  (Read 10217 times)

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Re: The Red Porch? (aka section "theming") UPDATED
« Reply #25: October 07, 2008, 01:45:17 PM »
bump, finally got around to implementing some of these changes.  What do people think?  Suggestions for General Discussion and News from the majors?

"The League" sounded ok for News from around the majors, but i felt like that implies just NL discussion.  I'm picky like that.

I was also thinking of "The Show" for future gameday thread sections.