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A introduction here from another female on the forum.

In the summer of 1996 I was lucky to be in Montreal 2 weeks and saw 2 Expos games.
The first one on 24 June pitched by Pedro (11-3 win over the Pirates with 2 HR of 'Oh Henry' Rodriguez).
I've been a huge Pedro fan since that day...
The second one 12 August against the Astros (8-1 win for Mark Leitner after giving up a leadoff homer).
I knew that in Hockey there are fights between players. Since that day I knew what a brawl was (there were 2).

Since that time I've followed the Expos, as far as possible from here. Mostly on the day after using the internet and the information on the several sites.
Saw Pedro gone for (correct me if I'm wrong) Javies Vazquez (won a ring with Yankees), Carl Pavano (won a ring with Marlins) and Tony Armas jr (his arms were already questioned back then).
In the beginning we had NBC with one game per week in the night from Saterday on Sunday.
But that's gone like 4 years now.
So I moved with the Expos to Washingon.
Since September 2005 starting to watch MLB-tv. That's thrilling, costly for the lack of sleep, but I'm pleased to have seen the amazing growth of Ryan, the agressive Soriano.

My motto: Can there be more daygames please?

Hmm it's a bit longer than intended...